Helping Clients Visualize

Our firm helps clients create wise, informed decisions.   Renderings are one of tools we use to help them visualize our design concepts.


Vermont Interior Design

This is especially useful when clients are exploring window treatments and custom bedding ideas.

Mendon Master Bedroom Design


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Red, White and Blue Decorating

We are in the final stages of a project located on Lake Bomoseen.  It was a complete renovation and addition so the project was quite robust. But we’re glad to say our clients were able to move back home and we’re in the final stretch.

We selected neutral, timeless materials for our fixtures and finishes but to add color and interest we’re using fun area rugs and fabrics.

Colorful Rugs


My clients emailed this note:

“Just finished laying down the two rugs. We LOVE them. They add a lot of interest and help break up all the wood!  We don’t even mind that they don’t go with any of our furniture as they currently exist.”

Next phase – furniture & drapery installation.

Lake House Fabrics

We’re SO excited!

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Photo: Vermont Interior Designer via Instagram

Happy 4th of July!

We’re going to relax this weekend and celebrate America’s birthday!

july 4th decorating


What are your plans?

4th of July decorating


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  Photos: The Welch Company; The Glamorous Housewife


Classic and timeless

timeless interior design quote

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Ruxana’s Home Interiors in the media

I was honored to be featured in a recent Rutland Herald article entitled A Business Story: An eye for design.’

Below is the article as written by Joanna Tebbs-Young:

Ruxana Oosman founded her Rutland-based business, Ruxana’s Home Interiors, in 2001. Working with clients throughout New England, New York and New Jersey, she credits the success of the business to “a fabulous team of people,” including her “amazing” bookkeeper/office manager and assistant. Here, Ruxana explains some details of her business.

What is nature of your business?

We help our clients live better lives: We help them cook better, relax better and entertain better. As a full-service interior design firm, we provide complete and comprehensive interior design services.

For example, I have a client who worked with a kitchen designer, a bathroom designer, an appliance showroom, a lighting store and a furniture store. She struggled to coordinate everything, and then she discovered my firm. We simplify everything for our clients and by working with one designer, the process is streamlined, more cost-effective and, more importantly, the aesthetic is consistent from room to room.

We also offer a Christmas decorating service (Trees with Ease), which works especially well for our second-home clients.

Elegant Man Cave Design

How/why did the company begin? What was the inspiration, the story behind its beginning?

My major in college was interior design so while I knew I would work in a design firm, I never thought I would own one.

When we moved to Vermont I jumped into event planning (another long-time passion of mine) while working with interior design clients. But as both of these businesses grew, I knew I would have to focus on one and I followed the advice my Mom gave us growing up: “Do what makes your heart go pitter-patter.”

Okemo Ludlow Interior Designer
How did you get to where you are today with the business?

My business has grown tremendously since 2001. While I work with far fewer clients over the course of a year, my projects are larger. We work on more large-scale projects such as new construction or full-house renovations.

How is your business unique?

My business is service-based and not sales-based, so the luxury of working with our firm is that we provide our clients with solutions. We are design-oriented problem solvers. I travel to several design and trade shows during the year so I stay current on trends and innovations. I specialize in creating pet-friendly designs and by 2016 I will be CAPS certified (Certified Aging in Place Specialist).

Butler Pantry Design

Why Rutland?

Founding a Rutland business was an easy decision. I live in Rutland and there was a need for the services I provide.

As a business-owner, what is the most important lesson you have learned?

Running an interior design firm is a trinity – part art, part science, part business. But I’ve found that loving what you do and having a passion for it is the most important element in any business. When you love what you do, it makes you want to grow, explore, experiment and share your love. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

If you are a locally-owned Rutland area small business or sole-proprietorship and would like to be featured in A Business Story, please contact

Gracewords Flatware

We just finished packaging a shipment headed to Reno, Nevada.  I know what you’re thinking…. “what could they be sending to Reno?”  The answer is Gracewords (tm) Flatware.  I received a call earlier today and the lovely voice on the other end said that she gives this flatware as her ‘signature’ housewarming gift.

gracewords flatware perfect graduation gift


Each piece of flatware is engraved with words that inspire: BELIEVE, WONDER, IMAGINE, GRATITUDE and ENCHANT.  No two are alike.

Stainless steel silverware

This flatware, will uplift and encourage – whether dining alone or with many.

wedding gift ideas

Gracewords makes a wonderful gift for newlyweds, graduates, house-warmings and new parents establishing meaningful family traditions. Imagine… a set of silverware that can help establish a habit of  reflection and celebration.

Tablescape ideas

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Loft design

What do you do when you need to occasionally accommodate extra guests but you have no space to spare in your existing footprint?

GO UP, of course!

This loft accommodates a queen size bed with small side tables and book lights.

mountain home loft design


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Equestrian Decorating

It’s DERBY DAY!  While my husband is reading about the horses and picking his favorites, I’m adding equestrian decor for our Derby fete this evening.

My mind has been focused on the equestrian-look all week.  I’m working with clients who want to update their family room.  The home is a ski chalet and is heavily used in the fall and winter so they wanted a warm, cozy feel without being rustic.

I researched fabrics and developed this combination of pattern, texture and color.

Equestrian Decorating

This rug will anchor the room and the ‘Ralph Lauren’ look will be underway!
Oriental Blue and Red carpet

Of course, we’ll have to add art and accessories to pull everything together….

Horse Art

Since my clients entertain A LOT when they visit Vermont - including friends, children, grandchildren and grand-dogs, we made it a point to use child and pet-friendly fabrics.

Pet Friendly interior design Have a well-designed day,




Photos: Ruxana’s Home Interiors, Pinterest



Bathroom Renovation

Our firm has completed (or we are in the midst of) 9 bathroom renovations this year….and it’s only APRIL!  It appears that 2015 will be the year of ‘The Bathroom Renovation.’  Did you know that over 300 decisions have to be made for a bathroom renovation?  WOW!  Fortunately, our firm provides SOLUTIONS.  As a service-based firm, not a sales-based firm, we help our clients make informed decisions.  In addition to our many years of experience, we also research and explore new innovations, trends and products.

Shower Faucets


I took this photo when I attended a recent trade show.  The noise from the 40+ shower heads was not as loud as you would imagine.  I examined the size, style, finish, how the sprayer fit in the hand, how heavy/light it was and a myriad of other things important to my clients. That allows me to provide informed, FIRST-HAND information.

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Photo: Ruxana’s Home Interiors

Bathroom Design

I’m presenting our design ideas to clients tomorrow.  They have a lovely second home tucked in the Vermont mountains and they decided it was time for an update.  The house has 5 bathrooms so we’ve been BUSY!!

While this is FAR from the ‘Vermont’ aesthetic, I thought it would be fun to share.  I came across this tub at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show I attended earlier this year.  In fact, the artist was on site creating these throughout the show.

vermont bathroom design


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Photo: Vermont Interior Designer

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