Gracewords Flatware

We just finished packaging a shipment headed to Reno, Nevada.  I know what you’re thinking…. “what could they be sending to Reno?”  The answer is Gracewords (tm) Flatware.  I received a call earlier today and the lovely voice on the other end said that she gives this flatware as her ‘signature’ housewarming gift.

gracewords flatware perfect graduation gift


Each piece of flatware is engraved with words that inspire: BELIEVE, WONDER, IMAGINE, GRATITUDE and ENCHANT.  No two are alike.

Stainless steel silverware

This flatware, will uplift and encourage – whether dining alone or with many.

wedding gift ideas

Gracewords makes a wonderful gift for newlyweds, graduates, house-warmings and new parents establishing meaningful family traditions. Imagine… a set of silverware that can help establish a habit of  reflection and celebration.

Tablescape ideas

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