Bathroom Renovation

Our firm has completed (or we are in the midst of) 9 bathroom renovations this year….and it’s only APRIL!  It appears that 2015 will be the year of ‘The Bathroom Renovation.’  Did you know that over 300 decisions have to be made for a bathroom renovation?  WOW!  Fortunately, our firm provides SOLUTIONS.  As a service-based firm, not a sales-based firm, we help our clients make informed decisions.  In addition to our many years of experience, we also research and explore new innovations, trends and products.

Shower Faucets


I took this photo when I attended a recent trade show.  The noise from the 40+ shower heads was not as loud as you would imagine.  I examined the size, style, finish, how the sprayer fit in the hand, how heavy/light it was and a myriad of other things important to my clients. That allows me to provide informed, FIRST-HAND information.

Have a well-designed day,




Photo: Ruxana’s Home Interiors

Bathroom Design

I’m presenting our design ideas to clients tomorrow.  They have a lovely second home tucked in the Vermont mountains and they decided it was time for an update.  The house has 5 bathrooms so we’ve been BUSY!!

While this is FAR from the ‘Vermont’ aesthetic, I thought it would be fun to share.  I came across this tub at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show I attended earlier this year.  In fact, the artist was on site creating these throughout the show.

vermont bathroom design


Have a well-designed day!




Photo: Vermont Interior Designer

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