Loft design

What do you do when you need to occasionally accommodate extra guests but you have no space to spare in your existing footprint?

GO UP, of course!

This loft accommodates a queen size bed with small side tables and book lights.

mountain home loft design


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Feathering your nest

My brother’s company is working on a project in Taiwan and when he invited us to visit them and play ‘tourist’, we jumped at the chance!

2015-01-15 03.11.02

To orient ourselves with the capital city of Taipei, my brother took us to a restaurant on top of the largest building in the city.  The views were magnificent.  e785a7e7898701

….then I saw the peacock feather wall covering and I fell in LOVE!

Peacock wall covering

Want a close-up?

Peacock wall covering


The door handle to the special peacock room….

Peacock hand-blown glass

This hand-blown peacock glass door handle was amazing!

And THEN we were escorted to the Pheasant room…Pheasant feather wall covering

Squeal!  Pheasant feathers!

2015-01-12 01.22.57


If you need inspiration and ideas to help you feather YOUR nest, give us a call!

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I don’t know what I love more…..the oil painting of the dog above the bed or the children’s silhouettes.

pointer painting

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Photo: Design New England

Signs that you’re a decorating ‘maximalist’

My husband jokes (frequently) that if a minimalist says “less is more” than I’m a maximilist because I say “If less is more, imagine how much more, MORE would be!”

Here are some signs that YOU might be a maximalist:

1.  You love animal print and try to sneak a little in every room.

Decorating maxmilist

2.  You love collections!  There more the merrier, you say!

Tortoise Collection

3.  You love to surround yourself with books.  “So many books, so little time”.


4.  You like mixing, not matching.

Charles Faudree Fabrics

5.  You love deep, rich colors…even if it ISN’T trendy!

deep blue room with tartan plaid

A high-five to my fellow maximilists!

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Photos: SMW Design, The Scout GuideRuxana’s Home Interiors; Stroheim; House Beautiful

Christmas Decorating

Christmas decorating ad

Our elves are in full swing decorating homes and commercial spaces.  In fact, they just decorated the lobby of Salon 930 and A Signature Day Spa.   Give yourself the gift of TIME and allow us to take care of the decorating.

Christmas Decorating salon lobby

We can use your decor, or for commercial spaces and condo rentals, we have complete rentals (including removal). Click HERE to reserve your spot today!

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November is the new January

I received an e-mail from a client last night and she wrote proudly, “I have spent the weekend ‘purging’ stuff from the house and doing long overdue cleaning.”

Clearing clutter is not only liberating but also important for our inner peace.  As a designer, my world is filled with an extraordinary amount of ‘stuff’ – much more than most people.  I’ve learned over time that I must actively manage this stuff or my studio (and my life) will spin out of control.  Fortunately, I have organizing mentors in my life, including my sister, who is a bit like Miss Pomeroy (see below).

the importance of throwing this out


While many of us wait until January to begin organizing and clearing clutter, November and December are actually great months to begin the process.  At this time of year we are in our china closets and in our basement or attic pulling out decorations.  Most of us, especially here in New England, also switch from our Spring/Summer wardrobe to our Fall/Winter wardrobe.  So it makes sense not to duplicate the effort again in January.  Take a few extra minutes now and purge what you don’t want.

Removing Clutter

As you know, we’re working on our Effortless Entertaining Countdown and last week I sorted through my entertaining linens.  I donated placemats and napkins and I laundered the remaining ones and pressed them with my favorite linen spray.  I’m that much closer to a peaceful holiday.

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Vermont Marble Kitchen Countertops

I recently selected a stunning marble for a client’s kitchen renovation.  The quarry the marble counters came from is just twenty minutes away from the home – you can’t get more local than that!  As I was watching the marble counters being installed, I was reminded of the long history that Vermont stone has.  I lived just outside of Washington DC (in Northern Virginia) for years and frequently visited D.C.  I long admired the architecture  - and now I live in the state where much of the stone originated.

Marble and granite, which was once the bedrock of Vermont, in more ways than one ;), is found all over the world and in many places of high prestige and honor.  None of higher honor than in our national’s capital, Washington DC.

The list of memorials, bridges, buildings, and monuments made wholly or in part from Vermont stone is long, as is the list of towns from which they came. For example, records that granite now found in various DC building projects was quarried in Barre, Georgia, Woodbury, Dummerston, and Bethel. The marble used hailed from Roxbury Station, Danby, West Rutland, Dorset, and Pittsford.

Here is a look at some of my favorite buildings in DC:

Union Station (completed 1908) and adjoining Post Office (opened 1914): From “The exterior of the Station was built of white granite from Bethel, Vermont. Although there were limitless quantities of the material, it had not previously been used for the construction of buildings. After his only son had been killed in a terrible railroad crossing accident, the owner of the quarry vowed that as long as he lived, the material would never be used for anything but tombstones. When the property passed to other hands after his death, Bethel granite was introduced as a building material. Union Station was the first major structure built of Bethel granite.”

 Union Station Vermont Granite

Museum of Natural History (built between 1903-1910): The exterior of the two main floors are built with Vermont white granite from Bethel.

 Vermont Granite

Arlington National Cemetery Memorial: “The world’s largest cemetery monument” can seat up to 5,000 people and is made entirely of white Danby marble, delivered in 450 train-car loads. The cornerstone was laid by President Woodrow Wilson in 1915 and it was dedicated in 1920. It cost $750,000.

Vermont Danby Marble

National Gallery of Art (completed 1941): Floors made of verde antique marble from Danby. The pillars, made from imported Italian marble, were carved in Proctor at the Vermont Marble Company.

Vermont Marble Floor

Jefferson Memorial (built between 1938-1943): Vermont Marble Museum’s website states, “The exterior walls and monumental columns are crafted from Vermont Danby Imperial marble, provided in 335 train carloads delivered from Proctor, Vermont. The exterior walls of the building reach 96 feet above the entrance with white marble columns that act as light baffles, softening the glare from outside while illuminating the interior with gentle reflected light.”

Vermont Marble

While my client’s kitchen counters are not doing anything quite as grand as her ancestors, she is standing tall in my client’s kitchen and will proudly be serving her family for decades to come.

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Photos: Pinterest via Flickr, Pinterest,;

Selecting the RIGHT paint color

Did you know that 40% of the paint sold in the United States is to correct PREVIOUS color mistakes? Yep. It’s true. A common error people make is selecting the paint color first and then making decisions about the remainder of the room. Although I ALWAYS recommend paint color last, this isn’t always possible. For example, new homeowners frequently want to have the entire house painted BEFORE they move in and furnish the home. Based upon the amount of light and the mood of the room, I have mastered the art of selecting no-fail neutrals that work with just about anything. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few examples.

During a Paint Consultation, two years ago, the home owner told me that he would furnish the house over time using antiques discovered at auctions and vintage stores. This was tricky because it meant my color palette would have to work with a variety of colors.  The client did not have a ‘theme’ or a piece to use for inspiration and it also meant that furniture of different colors, textures and patterns could potentially live in the same room. My client is on ‘Phase Two’ and recently invited me back to design custom window treatments. I was delighted to see that the original colors, which I selected, worked perfectly with a gorgeous antique oriental rug that commands the room.

Rutland Vermont Paint ConsultationA ski condo I designed and furnished for a client in Killington, Vermont, had a similar need.  While the design process allowed us to select all the furniture and fabrics for the main spaces and kitchen, the upstairs bedrooms were left for Phase Two.  I selected a serene green-gray.  When we completed the bedroom eight months later, the colors worked beautifully.

Killing Vermont Condo Furniture

I’m currently working on a very large barn renovation outside of Ludlow, Vermont, and the builder requested paint colors long before we were in the ‘Furniture Planning’ stage.  So I had to select a whole-house color palette that would work FOR us, not AGAINST us, when it came time to select the furniture fabrics.   As you can see, the colors worked wonderfully with the fabrics I specified for our Miles Talbot furniture order.

Ludlow Interior Design Paint Color ConsultationIf you’d like to download my list of TOP 10 Paint Colors (be warned – these are my current favorites and are NOT paint color recommendations) just follow the link  HERE.





Photo Credit: Rutland Interior Designer, Rutland, Vermont

Spring Colors for Your Home

With a change in season comes a shift in the weather, refreshed attire, and most importantly – a new color
palette. Each season has it’s own feeling, its own smell, and its own colors. Whether through fashion
or décor, the persona of Spring is represented every year through the colors that we choose to

Rutland Vermont Window Covering and Drapery Colors
What makes Spring colors? Well, look around. As the temperature gets warmer, “cool” colors funnel in.
It’s the lighter blue of the sky, the sweeter orange of the tropics, the romantic purple of the violet
flowers in bloom. It’s the pastel yellow, zesty lime green, and blossom rose with a pop of magenta!

Rutland Vermont Paint Color Inspiration
Spring colors represent revival and rejuvenation.  These colors can be used creatively to brighten any room. Call or e-mail us to schedule your Paint or Window Treatment consultation.  We’re always happy to help!



Photos: Hunter Douglas; Vermont Interior Designer 

Equestrian Style Chair in Vermont

My husband and I are settling in to watch the 140th Kentucky Derby race on TV and I thought I’d share a chair that would be PERFECT for a room with a Ralph Lauren feel.   Equestrian details dovetail with Vermont mountain decor very well.

This chair comes in FIRST PLACE.  My friend and fellow designer from Tumblewood Interiors, spotted this chair at High Point Furniture Market last month and the remarkable thing is she said it would be a great fit for her client base in Kansas.  Of course, it works perfectly for a home in Vermont….and yet another friend in Tempe, Arizona said that it would work well for her clients, too.  WOW – Kansas, Vermont AND Arizona…..that’s the trifecta of chairs!

Leather wears beautifully, adds a rich patina to a room and a bonus is that it cleans easily.  I wish this chair was available when I completed my most recent Killington condo interior design package.  It would have been a wonderful way to add character AND comfort.

Rutland Furniture




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